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June 2017: Suri arrives to Montreal

Suri Cruise traveled with a friend from NYC to Montreal, Canada on June 18th 2017.

Both girls were wearing matching outfits: Alina Pink Dress SS17 by Bonpoint.

Suri wore Pink Dot Axelle Jacket SS15 by Bonpoint and Gold Leather Shoes SS17 by Manuela de Juan.

Suri's friend wore Eden Pink Jacket SS17 by Bonpoint.

Girl's Hats look very similar to Navy Cloche Hat with Pink Bow by Nadine Milliner on Etsy.

June 2017: Suri shopping in NYC

Suri Cruise spotted exciting Barneys New York department store on June 15th 2017.

Suri was wearing Dusty Pink Lace Dress SS16 by Burberry (first seen on August 15th 2016).

note: looking for the shoes id.

January 2017: Suri at Lakers game

Suri Cruise & Katie attended Lakers vs Detroit Pistons basketball game in LA on January 15th 2017.

Suri was wearing Glitter June T Strap Shoes SS17 by The Children's Place and Gold Quilted Handbag by RUUM kids (first seen on March 28th 2015).

note: looking for the dress & cardigan id

January 2017: Suri shopping in LA

Suri Cruise & Katie spotted leaving art & crafts store Michaels in LA on January

Suri was wearing her old time favorites for ballet practice:
Suri was wearing a new IT item for all dancers - Irina & Max Warm Up Booties in Pink by Bloch (first seen on October 15th 2015) and Oso Pink Hoodie by The North Face (first seen on December 7th 2013).

In Suri's Closet - Gucci

Suri Cruise was wearing Embellished Jersey Dress by Gucci Kids (sold out, retailed for $325), while on set of The Kennedys: After Camelot in Toronto on June 18th 2016.

Gucci is one of those brands which Suri doesn't wear often, so when she does, it's harder to spot.

August 2016: Suri attends Cats on Broadway

Suri Cruise and two Best Friends met Leona Lewis after attending the Cats on Broadway in NYC on August 15th 2016.

Suri was wearing Dusty Pink Lace Dress SS16 by Burberry.

One of the girls was wearing the pink dress Suri wore for her Birth Day in April 2016.

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August 2016: Suri on a boat ride

Suri Cruise enjoyed a bot ride with her Best Friend on a Central Park Lake in NYC on August

Girls switched shoes which they wore on a previous outing. (still looking for blue shoes id)

Suri was wearing Rose Pink Bow Frill Dress SS14 by Rachel Riley and Bow Trimmed Mary Janes in Fuchsia SS16 by Jacadi.

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August 2016: Suri at MOMA

Suri Cruise & Katie pictured enjoying a painting at the Museum Of Modern Art in NYC on August 10th 2016.

note: looking for the dress id

August 2016: Suri out with BF in NYC

Suri Cruise & her Best Friend debuted new shorter hairstyles while out in NYC on August 8th 2016.

Look like girls got dressed out of Suri's closet, her friend is wearing Rose Pink Bow Frill Dress SS14 by Rachel Riley, which Suri first wore in July 2014.

Suri is wearing Forget Me Not Frill Dress SS16 by Rachel Riley, first seen in July 2016.

note: looking for both shoes id

Update: July 2016: Suri out in NYC

Suri Cruise & Katie grabbing a bite while out & about in NYC on July 31 2016.

Suri was wearing Milk White Blouse SS16 by Bonpoint and Navy Blue Rose Print Skirt SS14 by Pink Chicken.

reported by dailymail